Book Review: Bidibidi, by Gavin Bishop

I always get quite excited when asked tocv_bidibidi review a book published by Scholastic. Gavin Bishop is a writer and illustrator of nearly 60 children’s books.  He lives and works in Christchurch. This book was first produced as a television series by the then National History Unit for TVNZ in the 1990’s.

This is a delightful story of Bidibidi, a sheep who lives in the mountains. She has sore feet and is tired of trudging around the mountains just to fill her stomach. She sees a rainbow in the distance and decides this is where she wants to be. Stella the Kea comes along and says to Bidibidi that if she isn’t happy with her life, she should do something about it. She leaves her home and goes and explores the countryside. Along the way she meets various birds that don’t seem to be very friendly. Her adventures make a delightful story. In the end all Bidibidi wants to do is to be back home, but where she finishes up, is not home at all – a delightful ending.

The wonderful use of language and the twists and turns, this story will appeal to the under 5’s being read to, with older children being able to able to read it for themselves.

This book has also been released in Te Reo Maori.


Reviewed by Christine Frayling

by Gavin Bishop
Published by Scholastic NZ (re-release)
ISBN 9781775431923
Te Reo Maori Edition ISBN 9781775431930

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