Words of the Day: Wednesday, 6 November 2013

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Book reviews
‘Vance has created a fundamental guide to the body and soul of sailing.’

Author interviews
Anna Jackson on Kate Camp.

If you don’t make it to the Wake launch tonight, you could always go & celebrate A Book is a Book at Millwood Gallery tomorrow @ 6pm

In other A Book is a Book news, the artwork is up at Bowen Galleries – some is even for sale. May have to mention this to my SO…

It‘s book launch time at Time Out Books! All welcome….

From around the internet
The most famous book set in every US state. Perhaps we could do this for NZ?

Sarah Laing: Great to hear people talking about making comics as I was colouring mine. Wish the Costa was open to NZers

Meanjin Quarterly are still after your literary agony aunt questions. Get them in by Friday! You can ask anonymously too

Fairy tales retold for twenty-somethings – to make them *less* gory??

Complex TV and big novels. Maybe we’re not as attention deficited as we think we are

Here’s a piece Megan Dunn wrote a while ago on coffee table books, now on the @nzbookcouncil site, Booknotes Unbound

Want to see how the #ReadingClub warehouse gets ready for the release of #WimpyKid? See the video at Book Box Daily!

The Read is up tomorrow, telling you all about specialisation in bookstores… and we have something a little bit exciting for our members only… (also – some practical information about Christmas closures)

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