Book Review: Watch Out for the Crocodile, by Lisa Moroni, illustrated by Eva Eriksson.

This is available today in great bookstores all over New Zealand.

This delightful book with amazing illustrations,cv_watch_out_for_the_crocodile takes it’s reader on an adventure with a little girl named Tora and her Dad, an adventure that shows quite clearly the part imagination plays in how we see the world and how the busyness of life tends to blunt our imaginations the older we get.

When Dad takes a vacation, Tora can’t wait to get away but her organised and rather pedantic Dad has to get everything organised down to the last can of beans and boy is this frustrating when all you want to do is see what there is to see, a long car ride can be a wee bit boring too and a visit to a Supermarket is positively alarming!

Finally Dad and Tora arrive at the forest and away we go, meeting snakes, lizards, giraffes, lions and even trolls along the way, well at least Tora does. It takes a wee bit longer for Dad to loosen up and let his imagination flow.

Well written, easy to read to both individuals and groups and with illustrations that perfectly complement and enhance the text, this book highlights the importance of the father/daughter relationship, the contrast between our urban sprawl and the peacefulness of the forest, the reliance we place on technology, the importance of imagination, the part that nature and wildlife can play in our lives but I feel that the most important thing this book shows is; what’s important and what’s not. And most of us have a hard time putting away our cellphones.

A mother/daughter combination, Lisa and Eva have produced a delightful book that will find a home on any bookshelf.

I thank Gecko Press and Booksellers NZ for my copy of this book.

Reviewed by Marion Dreadon.

Watch Out for the Crocodile
by Lisa Moroni, illustrated by Eva Eriksson
Published by Gecko Press
ISBN 9781877579905

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