Our reviews of New Zealand Post Awards finalist books

Over the past year, our reviewers havnzpba2012e covered many of the New Zealand Post Book Awards finalists on our blog. We have since recieved reviews for all but a very few of the finalists. Check them out below:

Poetry finalists
A Man Runs into a Woman, by Sarah Jane Barnett – reviewed by Melanie Wittwer

Snow White’s Coffin, by Kate Camp – reviewed by Sarah Jane Barnett

The Lifeguard: Poems 2008-2013, by Ian Wedde  reviewed by Melanie Wittwer

Fiction finalists
The Big Music, by Kirsty Gunn – reviewed by Christopher Howe

The Intentions Book, by Gigi Fenster – reviewed by Renee Boyer-Willisson

In the Absence of Heroes, by Anthony McCarten – reviewed by Tiffany Matsis

The Forrests, by Emily Perkins – reviewed by Gillian Torckler

Illustrated Non-fiction finalists
His Own Steam: The Work of Barry Brickell, by David Craig & Gregory O’Brien – reviewed by Chris Frayling

Pat Hanly, by Gil Hanly & Gregory O’Brien – reviewed by Sarah Jane Barnett

Selling the Dream: The Art of Early New Zealand Tourism – reviewed by Aaron Blaker

Stag Spooner: Wild Man from the Bush, by Chris Maclean – reviewed by Cath Cowley

General Non-fiction finalists
Civilisation: Twenty Places on the Edge of the World, by Steve Braunias – reviewed by Chris Frayling

The Search for Anne Perry, by Joanne Drayton – reviewed by Marion Dreadon

The Meeting Place. Māori and Pākehā Encounters 1642-1840, by Vincent O’Sullivan – reviewed by Emma Wong-Ming

Patched: The History of Gangs in New Zealand, by Jarrod Gilbert – reviewed by Feby Idriani

Best First Books
Graft, by Helen Heath – reviewed by Hera Lindsay

Sarah Forster, Web Editor

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