Book Review: Exposed, by John Wareham

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John Wareham now lives in Wellington, New Zealand,cv_exposed after many years of living in New York. He is a corporate consultant, prison reformer, novelist and poet.

While living in New York, Wareham received an email from a Head of Department from his old school, Palmerston North Boys High School, asking if he would kindly share a few inspiring words with 40 boys from the commerce class that they were bringing to visit the New York Stock Exchange.

Before sharing his response, John Wareham reflects on his life leading up to and including his time as a boarder at Palmerston North Boys High School. Wareham says at the beginning of this book that this is a memoir, not an autobiography. He tries to revisit and make sense of the boy he used to be, the events that marked and life and stoked his imagination. Some names are changed but how much truth, if any should he tell? 1950’s schools were a different breed than today’s schools with discipline often being meted out with the cane.

It was after his parent’s marriage broke up that John Wareham was sent to a boarding school. With parents and schoolmasters’ help, he discovers a passion for photography. Many friendships are made while ganging up on Masters that the boys thought would do better elsewhere pursuing another careers.

Knowing nothing about the author before I started reading this book, I’m not sure I am any the wiser as to his character or what actually happened during his years at Palmerston Boys High School. Memory is a wonderful thing – sometimes how we perceive events and how others do can often result in conflict. I will say that this book is an interesting and amusing read.

Reviewed by Christine Frayling

Exposed – How a lost boy bucked the system and found his voice
by John Wareham
Published by Welcome Rain Publishers (US)
ISBN 9781566493598