Book Review: I’ll give you the Sun, by Jandy Nelson

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I’ll give you the Sun is a tale resplendent with eloquent prose, with rich and evocative metaphor, engaging characters and an enveloping plot.

It is a tale of love and broken friendships, of betrayal and forgiveness, of misunderstandings and shattered dreams. It is also the tale of two twins, Noah and Jude, with the plot interweaving the two.

Noah’s, written at the age of 13, speaks of first love, love that, if not precisely forbidden, differs from the generally accepted social norms, and of his hopes and dreams of becoming an artist.

Jude’s thread, written 3 years later, speaks on the aftermath of the tragic event that more-or-less tore their already fragile family relationships apart. She has been hiding from herself, living a life in the shadows of regret.

Together the two entwine into a tale filled with bittersweet, seasoned with humour, filled with larger-than-life characters and ultimately leading to redemption and acceptance.

Reviewed by Angela Oliver

I’ll Give You the Sun
by Jandy Nelson
Published by Walker Books
ISBN 9781406326499