Book Review: Watched, by Tihema Baker

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This is the first novel from Tihema Baker, but certainly not the last. This book needs a sequel.

The ‘Watched’ are those who have been gifted with superhuman powers. They are selected to be removed from their current surroundings and circumstances to a training area where their full powers will be developed under controlled conditions.

The two boys Rory and Jason, who are central to the story, are best mates from difficult backgrounds,and have formed a strong bond of friendship. This will be tested as the story develops. We find that there are factions both in the training camp, and in the “real” action which takes place towards the end of the book.

This is a science fiction / dystopia story, of which there are a lot around at the moment.The plot, while stretching the imagination, mostly works. I think that teenage readers will find the dark and dyfunctional themes appealing.

I would recommend this book to readers who are keen on science fiction, dystopias and superheroes – this novel has them all. It’s pretty good for a first novel, and I expect that we will see more from Tihema.

by Sue Esterman, Information Services Manager, Scots College

by Tihema Baker
Published by Huia Publishers
ISBN 9781775501688