Book Review: The Volume of Possible Endings, by Barbara Else

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The third book in Barbara Else’s award-winning children’s book series, Tales of Fontania, The Volume of Possible Endings will continue to enthral and intrigue New Zealand bookworms both young and old.

It tells the unusual tale of twelve-year-old Dorrity, the only child in her village, and Metalboy, the runaway experiment created by a king. Dorrity and Metalboy embark on an adventure that will take them from Owl Town to the Fontania palace; on the way they discover an enchanted book that claims to know the five possible endings to Dorrity’s life story. As she struggles to discover what her future holds, the secrets of her past begin to reveal themselves.

As everything Dorrity thought she could rely on forever vanishes, she begins to realise that the five endings of her story are one by one coming true – even when she doesn’t want them to. But can Dorrity change the future that is written for her in The Volume of Possible Endings? And do the endings really mean what they seem to?

While the evil Count Bale tries to cause great amounts of trouble for Dorrity and Metalboy, the two friends must trust each other as they work together to learn the truth about their pasts and avoid the Count. Without each other’s friendship, there is little chance that they will get out of this mess in one piece…

The Volume of Possible Endings introduces many new quirky and quaint characters into the Tales of Fontania universe. With rich prose, magic, adventure and a metal boy with a heart of red jasper, Barbara Else’s storytelling skills have reached a new level of total and utter brilliance. The fantasy world of Fontania is one that children will be visiting for many years to come.

Reviewed by Tierney Reardon

The Volume of Possible Endings
by Barbara Else
Published by Gecko Press
ISBN 9781927271377