Social Media at the New Zealand Post Book Awards

On Wednesday, 28 August, the winners of the 2013 New Zealand Post Book Awards will be announced at a ceremony in Auckland.

We’ll be reporting live and wanted to make sure you know how you can join in and where you can see what’s happening.

The short story
You’ll find us on the night on…
•    Our Facebook page
•    Twitter account
•    Flickr

Rolling embargo
We are once again issuing a rolling embargo to media, which means that anyone who hears the winners at the ceremony can share the information however they like.

Follow us on Facebook
We’ll share some photos and all the winners (as they’re announced) on our Facebook page.

Tweeting from the ceremony
We’ll be tweeting live from the ceremony on the Booksellers NZ account. We’ll include fashion shots before the ceremony, lots of photos of the event staging as well as announcements of winners in real time.

The hashtag for the event – and all New Zealand Post Book Awards content – is #nzpba

Other people tweeting
There’s a bunch of other active tweeters coming to the ceremony too. See who else will be tweeting on our ceremony twitter list.

@NZPost – our wonderful sponsors
@nzdodo- Jolisa Gracewood
@samelworthy – Sam Elworthy, AUP Publisher and President of PANZ
@sarahjbarnett – Sarah Jane Barnett, Finalist writer

Let us know @booksellersnz if you’ll be tweeting at the ceremony and we’ll add you to the list.

Access to WiFi
At the event we’ll have free wifi – I can give you the password on the night or email me at and I’ll send it to you ahead of time.

We’ll run candid snaps through our Twitter feed and Facebook page and more formal shots on our Flickr page.

We hope you enjoy the night whether you’re at home or in Auckland with us.

Sarah Forster, Web Editor, Booksellers NZ

Announcing winners: making it easy for print AND social media at the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards

Tomorrow night the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards ceremony is being held in Wellington – it always makes for good local news for media outlets and is exciting for the authors and illustrators who take home the prizes.

This year we’ve changed how the winners are announced so that media outlets can use social media to spread the news as it happens.

What usually happens
To meet the deadlines of the morning papers we always issue the media release under embargo, which means nobody can share the winners information publicly until directly after the awards ceremony (usually about 8.30pm).

Of course, non-media who don’t know about the embargo merrily tweet about the winners and share them on Facebook live from the ceremony. The news gets shared online while the media (and us – as issuers of the embargo) sit on our hands until 8.30 when the party is over.

Not this year.

What’s happening from now on
This year we’ve issued a rolling embargo:

The top of our 2012 press release showing the rolling embargo.

We’re encouraging everyone – including media outlets – to share the news online if they hear it at the ceremony. That means we can all celebrate the winners as they’re announced and the morning papers can still have the information they need ahead of time.

Share the winners as they happen
Here’s what we’ll be up to: