Book Review: An Isolated Incident, by Emily Maguire

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cv_an_isolated_incidentSet in small-town New South Wales, this is a gripping tale of unexplained murder, love, jealousy and the doggedness of some to find answers.

Chris finds herself at the centre of a murder investigation: that of her beautiful younger sister, Bella. Bella appeared to be universally loved, especially in the care home where she worked. Chris is the easy-going older sister – too easy-going, according to some. Chris has learned the hard way to be persistent and independent, trusting few in her search for answers about her sister’s brutal death.

Also drawn in to the story is  young reporter May Norman, trying to use this high-profile, public attention murder to make her name. May finds herself unable to leave without a satisfactory conclusion.

An Isolated Incident shows the attention to detail that has earned Emily Maguire awards for her earlier novels. She captures the details of small town life in Australia through speech, mannerisms and the casual friendliness which are features of Aussie culture, but may also hide a monster.

This is a psychological thriller which will keep you reading to the very final paragraph. I look forward to more quality reading from Emily Maguire.

Reviewed by Kathy Watson

An Isolated Incident
by Emily Maguire
Published by Picador
ISBN  9781743538579