Words of the Day: Wednesday, 9 October

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Book reviews
Book Review: The Sundew Stalks, by Joanna Knox, illustrated by Sabrina Malcolm 

Giveaway: Richard Dawkins: An Appetite for Wonder (biography)

Sounds an interesting event – Veronica Meduna & Rebecca Priestley tell the Science Story

Book News
This is certainly food for thought about the US publishing industry – ebooks in 2008 $64m, in 2012 over $3b.

Copyright Licensing NZ is calling all authors, book artists and publishers to take part in stakeholder survey:

From around the internet
Nothing meaner than an author challenged for popular ascendancy

Have you got an interest in Dutch books, translated into English? @geckopress

Your ideal YA flowchart – I ended up with Ship Breaker. You?

Oscars hype starting for #TheBookThief film. With comments from Picador publisher, Cate.

How to become a better reader

On Poetry: Airini Beautrais relishes the fulfilment of intent

Austen rewriting:McDermid does Northanger Abbey, McCall Smith -Emma, Trollope doing Sense and Sensibility