Words of the Day: Wednesday, 23 October 2013


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Book reviews
Book Review: My Favourite Hugs, by Debby Guddee and Melissa Rodrigues. Illustrated by Su Mon

Book Review: How to hear classical music, by Davinia Caddy (Awa Press)

Twitter giveaway time: #Longbourn by Jo Baker. Our review: http://t.co/6HtbtnpDJQ Reply to be in the draw. Drawn at 5pm today.

Psst, we are giving away Hero of the Hill by Joy Cowley @scholasticnz on our facebook page

If you like children’s books, this is one not to miss. Best and Worst Children’s Books of the year 

Gregory O’Brien and Robert Kearns in conversation on poetry, landscape and the Chatham Islands

See Michelle Leggott, Owen Marshall, Martin Edmond & Fiona Farrell, City Gallery 30 Oct 12.30pm

All about the arts sector at the Nelson writers festival with @EmilyJPerkins, Bill Manhire & MP Christopher Finlayson

Book News
Congratulations to Trevor Agnew, one of our previous #nzpcba judges, on winning the Betty Gilderdale award

Publishers – Just over a week left to submit your publications (Jun-Nov #nzpba, Jan-Nov #nzpcba) for the awards. Deadline 1 November.

Just received some @penguinbooksnz – The Boring Book is unlike anything I’ve seen published in NZ before! Delightful!

My 3yo took to ‘A Book is a Book’ (Gecko Press) this morning – it became a very special beast, the car book. Now to wrest it off him for review.

Booker News
@gtiso The big prize: Eleanor Catton, New Zealand, and the Booker. Thanks for the analysis.

Interesting read regarding book reviewing in NZ, specifically about the Luminaries

From around the internet
‘Buy it because you want to read the bloody thing’ – another impassioned salvo on the point of literary magazines

Charles Darwin’s Son Draws Cute Pictures on the Manuscript of On the Origin of Species

“our work can have purposes beyond anything we are able to imagine. Books are powerful objects with intrinsic value”

Publishers, are you missing Frankfurt?  Here are some familiar faces to help you cope.

Book Review: My Favourite Hugs, by Debby Guddee and Melissa Rodrigues. Illustrated by Su Mon

Available in bookstores now, and onlinecv_my_favourite_hugs

Hugging is something that every child knows about – especially one that is loved.  Written by a mother and daughter this book takes us on a journey of 12 hugs.

As a grandparent of five, hugging is something that is second nature and one that the recipients and the giver always enjoy. Abby my 2 ½ year old granddaughter has two sets of grandparents, a Mumma and a Mummy, and aunt and uncles galore, she knows well what a hug is. She listened attentively while Mumma read her this book. Sandwich hugs are one of her favourites, but the one that well and truly caught her attention was the Gentle Hug. She especially liked the picture and drew all our attention to the crab – this was a beach scene. Not that Abby has been bitten by a crab, but she knew that it would probably hurt. She had rather a lot to say about being hurt and how hugs help and especially how the “kiss it better” with this special hug REALLY works.

This is a well written and thought out story with lovely illustrations and one that would be a welcome addition to most small people’s personal library.


Reviewed by Christine Frayling

My Favourite Hugs
by Debby Guddee and Melissa Rodrigues
Illustrations by Su Mon
Published by Balboa Press
ISBN 9781452510651