Book Review: Muddle & Mo’s Rainy Day, by Nikki Slade Robinson

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cv_muddle_and_mos_rainy_dayIt’s a beautiful rainy day and all Muddle wants to do is jump, stomp, splash, sing and slide in the puddles. But Mo is less than excited about the big ploppy drops. Goats don’t like rain. Muddle can be very persuasive though and urges Mo to give it a try because rain is so much fun!

The third adventure from the loveable yet unconventional friendship of Muddle & Mo. Muddle is still his enthusiastic and happy-go-lucky self and Mo his patient and rain-phobic friend finds himself being convinced to step out of his comfort zone once again. A sweet little tale about how friendship can make you brave enough to try new things. Nikki Slade Robinson’s adorable, expressive and uncluttered illustrations are appealing to a young audience and paired with the repetitive dialogue from the two friends this picture book gives you the perfect opportunity to use your voice acting skills!

I loved reading this story to my preschool class and they enjoyed identifying all the different emotions Mo goes through as Muddle tries to encourage him to play in the rain. It’s easy to sympathise with both Muddle and Mo! Rainy Day is a delightful little book that explores how friendship can encourage an otherwise gloomy situation like a rainy day into something fun and positive.

Reviewed by Alana Bird

Muddle & Mo’s Rainy Day
by Nikki Slade Robinson
Published by Duck Creek Press
ISBN 9781927305393