Book Review: Saving the Snowy Brumbies, by Kelly Wilson

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cv-saving_the_snowy_brumbiesEvery year, thousands of Australia’s wild brumbies are aerially culled or captured and sold for slaughter to manage the world’s largest population of wild horses.

Saving the Snowy Brumbies highlights the desperate plight of the Snowy Mountain Brumbies, as Kelly, Vicki and Amanda Wilson head over from New Zealand to take part in the 2016 Australian Brumby Challenge and learn more about the plans for these iconic horses.

The sisters rescue horses from the Brumby cull, and patiently tame them sufficiently for them to be brought back to New Zealand.

The book outlines the activities the girls do with the ponies, which have never been handled before, but with perseverance they can become lovely family pets and even perform well as show jumpers.

Based in Northland, Kelly Wilson has written three adult books as well as the children’s picture book Ranger the Kaimanawa Stallion. She and her sisters also starred in a Television series, Keeping up with the Kaimanawas, which followed their work taming New Zealand wild Kaimanawas.  The Wilson sisters are leading figures on the equestrian scene, and as well as their rescue work, they run the hugely popular Showtym Camps for young riders.

She said, ‘It seems fitting that our work with the wild horses first began because of our showjumpers, when, back in 2012, the Kaimanawa ‘Watch Me Move’ won Pony of the year.’

I loved this book from its stunning front cover, interesting chapter titles, and wonderful photographs throughout, as well as the engaging text. The glossary at the end is helpful, especially to anyone who is not so familiar with horse terminology.

It will be enjoyed by anyone who loves animals, and positive stories about hard working young people .

Reviewed By Lesley McIntosh

Saving the Snowy Brumbies
by Kelly Wilson
Published by Random House NZ
ISBN 9780143770572