Book Review: Recon Team Angel – Vengeance, by Brian Falkner

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This is the best action writing that I have read.cv_recon_team_angel_vengeance

Structured in three parts, each part builds on the other and leads to a great ending. The action is brilliant, with outstanding dialogue and relationships details.

Falkner has a great sense of the absurd and the obvious in dealing with action talk. It made me laugh. His metaphors can be illuminating, as when he describes something as “standing out like skid marks on a wedding dress.”

The best part for me is that the Bzadians are not bad aliens. They have a crime-free society. They have a spiritual leader, Azoh, and they are neat and tidy. They have their faults and importantly, they have developed a bomb – the positronium bomb – that makes nuclear weapons look like firecrackers. The point is will they use it when chips are really down? More importantly, would humans use it in the same position?

An excellent novel for a wide range of age groups from intermediate to young adults. Its depth and its humour set this novel aside from most action books. I am sorry to see the end of the series; it would be great if it had been longer. I can imagine more twists that could lead to a whole new series.

Reviewed by Isaac Gilbert-Woodbury, Year 9, Scots College

Recon Team Angel: Vengeance
by Brian Falkner
Published by Walker Books
ISBN 9781921720574

Previous three books in the series, all published by Walker Books here, and Random House in the USA:
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