Book Review: The Life and Loves of a He Devil – a Memoir, by Graham Norton

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Graham Norton would have to be one of the most wcv_the_life_and_loves_of_a_he_devilell-known television personalities of our time. He was born in Clondalkin, a suburb of Dublin in Ireland. Graham first came to our attention playing Father Noel Furlong in the well- loved television show Father Ted, and currently stars in the hilarious The Graham Norton Show.

This book gallops through Graham’s rather outlandish life, beginning with his 50th birthday celebrations, after which he decided it was time to write another book – 10 years is a long time between books.

Growing up in Ireland, Graham always thought that he was out of step because he was a Protestant in the deep dark jungle of Roman Catholic Ireland, not because he considered that he may be gay. That revelation came rather later – everybody else knew before he did. This book covers everything from Dogs, to Divas; Booze, to Men; and Things he loves to Hate.

This book is a riotous celebration of his loves and loathes − it is not a book for prudes, as Graham doesn’t hold back on his many sexual conquests or what he thinks about particular guests he has had on his shows over the years. I have watched The Graham Norton Show on television over the years and quite frankly he is a brilliantly funny man –read the book and find out more.

Reviewed by Christine Frayling

The Life and Loves of a He Devil – a Memoir
by Graham Norton
Published by Hodder & Stoughton
ISBN 9781444790269

Ed’s note: The review copy of this book came with a lovely Sauvignon Blanc, reportedly squished by Graham’s own feet…