Announcing the 2012 winter read…

The Booksellers NZ 2012 winter read is Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life by George Eliot. If you thought last year’s Anna Karenina was long – this book is about 300 pages longer.

The reason I chose this is because my Mother-in-law suggested it (she’d also discussed it with my brother-in-law who thought it was a good idea too). And Good Reads people also seem to agree it’s a good book. After really enjoying the scenes in Anna Karenina with Kitty, Levin and the peasants I think the provincial life scenes will make for an enjoyable mid-winter companion.

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About the winter read
The winter read begins on the shortest day (this year that’s Wednesday, 20 June) and is a very casual affair. Most readers don’t know each other and the reading is very self-directed. We published the names of people taking part on our Winter reading page and once our group is established we set up a Good Reads group for discussion. We also chat on Twitter too.

If you don’t finish the book then it doesn’t matter – lots of people signed up for Anna Karenina (last year’s read) and didn’t finish. And almost everybody who read Wuthering Heights (our summer read) disliked it.