Book Review: The Knot Impossible, by Barbara Else

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cv_the_knot_impossibleThe Knot Impossible is the fourth book in Barbara Else’s award-winning series, ‘Tales of Fontania’. As enchanting and richly told as the previous three books, it introduces a new story to the Fontania saga, and to the history of the world which the author has so skillfully created.

Rufkin Robiasson is the son of a famous family of entertainers. When his family go travelling to perform around Fontania during the summer, Rufkin stays behind because of his terrible stage fright. He is sent to work in a salvage yard among the cave lizards and scrap-metal ship hulks.

When Rufkin comes to the rescue of a small boy they soon discover is named Vosco, a series of events are triggered, and he and his new sort-of friend Nissy embark on a dangerous adventure at sea. The outcome of their mission will determine the fate of Vosco, themselves, and the kingdom of Fontania. Rufkin, who has always feared the stage, is now the centre of the kingdom’s attention – he must fix the problems of the past if he wants to save his future. 

While reading The Knot Impossible I was completely enthralled by its steampunk theme and amusing storyline. The characters are genuinely charming and the plot has been cleverly thought out – it’s guaranteed to be unlike any story you’ve read before. It’s a tale of peril, cave lizards and queens – a perfect read to enjoy during the remainder of the summer holidays.

Reviewed by Tierney Reardon

The Knot Impossible
by Barbara Else
Published by Gecko Press
ISBN 9781776570041