Classic book characters on Social Media

Original story via Flipsnack, reproduced with the permission of the artists.

With World Book Day just around the corner, graphic designers Matt Lindley and Jazmin Batisti took eight timeless books, a mixture of children’s titles and classic literature, and stopped to ask themselves the question: what if these stories featured the modern technology we rely on today?

What if Juliet had used Tinder to meet her one true love instead? What would Oliver Twist’s TripAdvisor review of his workhouse be like? What if Frodo had used Google Maps to help him get to Mordor?

Here is where they ended up:

  1. Juliet swipes right for her Romeo on Tinder
  2. Oliver Twist gives a terrible review of his host on tripadvisor
  3. Willy Wonka gets some design inspiration from Pinterest
  4. GrubHub can’t keep the Caterpillar satisfied
  5. Holden Caulfield vents on Twitter
  6. Frodo & Sam Google their way to Mount Doom
  7. The White Rabbit gets a ride to court
  8. Aslan is big on Instagram – the ultimate group selfie with cat

Original story via Flipsnack, reproduced at the request and with the permission of the artists.

About the artists:

Matt Lindley is a content strategist who’s involved in coming up with digital creative campaigns. Jazmin Batisti is a graphic designer from Buenos Aires. They are both currently based in London.