Book Review: Find Miranda in New Zealand, by Gabby Suhl

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cv_find_miranda.jpgFind Miranda in New Zealand
is one of a series of books by Gabby Suhl following the different Golly characters on hide and seek adventures.

Miranda is a sheep travelling around New Zealand to various locations. Along the same lines as “Find Wally” this charming book with stunning photos is a treasure of a book.

Trying to find Miranda is at times fairly challenging. I did have some help in the form of my two granddaughters Abby aged 6 years and Quinn 2 ½ years. They often found Miranda long before I did. It was a case of “of course”.

Miranda travels around the North Island including Cape Reinga, Mangonui, Whangaroa Harbour. Waitangi, Kerikeri, Kawakawa, Hokianga Harbour and a number of other places. South Island locations include Riwaka, Nelson, Kaikoura and again a number of other places.

This is a great book, introducing children to spatial awareness and visual perception.
Gabby Suhl has produced a number of toys all handmade in New Zealand to accompany the Golly series of books and can be ordered on-line. A rather unique addition to a lovely book.

Reviewed by Christine Frayling

Find Miranda in New Zealand
by Gabby Suhl
Published by the Golly Family
ISBN 9780473359843