Book Review: Doctor Grundy’s Undies, by Dawn McMillan, illustrated by Ross Kinnaird

cv_dr_grundys_undiesAvailable now in bookstores nationwide.

Dawn McMillan is a New Zealand author, living on the Coromandel Peninsula. She has previously published together with Ross Kinnaird Why Do Dogs Sniff Bottoms?,Woolly Wally and I Need a New Bum.

Ross Kinnaird is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Auckland.

Doctor Grundy was hanging out his undies on his clothes line; new undies in a larger size with tiger stripes and tiger eyes, when the wind blew and the wind blew with them flying into the sky. They flew over the trees, over the hedge, along the beach, over the quay and out to sea. They land on a pirate ship with fighting over who would have them to wear. The Captain won and so he washed them and hung them out to dry. The wind blew, the wind blew and the undies fluttered high. And so the story continues with the adventures of Dr Grundy’s undies and the places go.

What was so lovely about this story was the wonderful use of descriptive language to keep a small person interested. I did laugh at the illustration on the title page; Made in New Zealand with care instructions and XXL sizing – a lovely touch. All small children love words like LUCKILY and know all about favourite bits of clothing. The small child I read this to at the moment has a favourite pair of lace socks that she insists on wearing with everything to the amusement of others.

This is a fabulous story and the illustrations are very amusing. Reading a lot of books to small people in the family, it is also lovely to find a book that is wonderful to read out loud. The change of voices with the characters and actions that the reader can input into this story, make this just one great book.

Reviewed by Christine Frayling

Doctor Grundy’s Undies 
by Dawn McMillan, illustrated by Ross Kinnaird
Published by Libro International
ISBN 9781877514739