Book Review: Moranifesto, by Caitlin Moran

cv_moranifestoAvailable in bookshops nationwide.

If you’re new to the Caitlin Moran party, this is the place to start. I’ve read all of her books and this is her best. (Unless you’ve read every single column she’s written for The Times in which case I’d suggest you give this a miss and pick up How to Build A Girl instead.)

A collection of (mostly) columns she’s written for The Times of London over the past 6 years with the odd new piece written just for this, it’s one of the funniest, wittiest, most thought provoking book’s you’ll read this year.

Moran’s greatest gift is her ability to express her unusually high intellect in a completely relatable way. Self-deprecating yet totally fierce in her belief that everyday women have the right to express their opinions and be listened to, Moranifesto tackles everything from politics to economics; Dr Who to cystitis; the secret love of a cancelled social engagement to that list of weird things that are sexy though you know that deep down they’re really not.

Saying what we’d all like to, and often a whole lot that’s probably never ever occurred to another person ever; Caitlin Moran is a leading voice of this generation’s women. If you don’t follow her on Twitter I suggest you do so ASAP @caitlinmoran – she’s hilarious.

Reviewed by Sarah McMullan

by Caitlin Moran
Published by Ebury Press
ISBN 9780091949051