Review: Duck Feet, by Jill Eggleton

Available in bookstores nationwide.

cv_duck_feetJill Eggleton’s name will be familiar to many teachers. A writer and researcher of early literacy, she is highly regarded by many for her expertise. In this slim volume of “ridiculous rhymes”, Eggleton gifts parents and teachers with fun, fairly short rhyming poems that will be enjoyed by young readers.

They rhymes are whimsical in nature, from a too-cool-for-school monkey to a king suffering from bubble trouble. The illustrations are lively and will definitely add to young readers’ delight in the poems.

Playing with language such as rhyming words is an important way for children to develop their early literacy skills. Books like Duck Feet are a great way to introduce children to the fun that can be had experimenting with rhyme and rhythm. A CD of the poems being read with helpful chimes to tell the reader when to turn the page, is included with the book.

I shared this book with the other new entrant teachers at my school within minutes of opening it. It is perfect for our “poem of the week”, which we share with children daily over the course of a week, so they can move from listeners to joiners/readers as they develop familiarity. I was just as excited to share the book with a class of 5 and 6 year olds. The children particularly enjoyed the poems ‘Clever Monkey’ and ‘Egg on My Be’ when I shared the book with them, and ‘Popcorn’ elicited lots of comments about home experiences with popcorn. ‘Growing’, a lament from a child about how slowly s/he grows, will strike a chord with many parents and educators who know children who just want to be bigger.

Perfect to be shared with very young children to 5-6 year olds, I recommend Duck Feet for anyone who enjoys having a chuckle with small people. The kids won’t even realise that they’re learning.

Reviewed by Rachel Moore

Duck Feet
by Jill Eggleton
Published by Global Education Systems Ltd.
ISBN  9781927307977

Book Review: Bud-e reading series Books 1 – 8, by Jill Eggleton and Richard Hoit

Available in bookstores nationwide.bude_starter_system

My 4-year-old will begin school later this year, and he is very proudly beginning to read. So when this new reading series came to my attention, I figured it would be perfect to share with him.

Bud-e is a reading system that helps to teach your child high-frequency words to encourage their reading skills gradually. The books that are in this, the first series, are Silly Billy, Tricky Mouse, Hungry Ducks, Hop it!, What a Muddle!, Alien in the Park, Junk Car, and Mice Mischief. Also included in the starter set is the full picture book Out of Bubblo, which introduces Bud-e himself.

Dan enjoyed learning to read each of these books aloud with me. He didn’t need me to read all of them aloud before having ago, as his reading and comprehension was advanced enough to begin at around book 5. He seemed very confident with the first few books, and we had good conversations around the images in the book and what was happening in them. We read a lot with Dan, and he has always understood that the story can be in the pictures as well as the words, as it is very clearly in this series.

Dan spent a good hour on the app that came with the books, and enjoyed the interactive elements of it. I could see the app coming in useful on a long car journey, for when parents can’t help with the reading of the books. A very innovative approach to literacy learning.

The instructions for parents and teachers are very clear, and the explanation is interesting without being too jargonistic. Both Dan and I enjoyed the brief stories, and found plenty to talk about within the pictures. The story of the Tricky Mouse was a particular favourite, as were the stories featuring the aliens.

I saw this series for sale in a bookshop soon after I received them to try. I would recommend them to any parent who wants to invest in a reading collection to encourage their children to read independently. It is good to have this type of book in your collection, at the same time you could perhaps identify some of the books you already have in your collection that your child may wish to help you read aloud. We have several shorter books that Dan enjoys tackling himself now, and reading to his little brother.

Whether the app is appealing to you, or the books themselves, this is a great new series from celebrated educational writer Jill Eggleton, and illustrator Richard Hoit.

Books 1-8 are available in a box set from a bookstore near you.

Bud-e Starter Kit
by Jill Eggleton, illustrated by Richard Hoit
Published by Global Ed
ISBN 9781927307656