Book Review: My Favourite Hugs, by Debby Guddee and Melissa Rodrigues. Illustrated by Su Mon

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Hugging is something that every child knows about – especially one that is loved.  Written by a mother and daughter this book takes us on a journey of 12 hugs.

As a grandparent of five, hugging is something that is second nature and one that the recipients and the giver always enjoy. Abby my 2 ½ year old granddaughter has two sets of grandparents, a Mumma and a Mummy, and aunt and uncles galore, she knows well what a hug is. She listened attentively while Mumma read her this book. Sandwich hugs are one of her favourites, but the one that well and truly caught her attention was the Gentle Hug. She especially liked the picture and drew all our attention to the crab – this was a beach scene. Not that Abby has been bitten by a crab, but she knew that it would probably hurt. She had rather a lot to say about being hurt and how hugs help and especially how the “kiss it better” with this special hug REALLY works.

This is a well written and thought out story with lovely illustrations and one that would be a welcome addition to most small people’s personal library.


Reviewed by Christine Frayling

My Favourite Hugs
by Debby Guddee and Melissa Rodrigues
Illustrations by Su Mon
Published by Balboa Press
ISBN 9781452510651