Book Review: Hotel Flamingo, by Alex Milway

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cv_hotel_flamingo.jpgHotel Flamingo is a delightful chapter book which follows Anna and her team of animals as she get her run-down hotel back into business!

Anna has inherited Hotel Flamingo from her great-aunt, but when she arrives, she finds it very different from the photo she has. It is very dusty, a little sad, and there are only two staff left!

Anna has to overcome the hurdles of having otters squatting in her pipes, providing food for a turtle, and competing with The Glitz Hotel. But with a lot of hard work from the team, she eventually gets the hotel back up and running.

Hotel Flamingo has beautiful illustrations throughout, while being a small but chunky chapter book which will appeal to keen readers between the ages of 7 and 10 who are beginning to read chapter books on their own.

The characters are fun and flamboyant, and the story is easy to follow and become invested in (even for adults!).

Reviewed by Franscesca Edwards

Hotel Flamingo
by Alex Milway
Published by Templar
ISBN 9781848127753