Book Review: A Day with Dogs, by Dorothee de Monfreid

Available now in bookshops nationwide.Available now in bookshops nationwide.

cv_a_day_with_dogsWell, what do dogs do all day? A very good question indeed and one that this book answers with a fine and encompassing touch.

Set around a group of doggie friends of different breeds, these distinctive guys take their readers through life in a lively, humorous and very colourful way. Nothing from a human life is missed here, it’s just done slightly differently and with a somewhat different emphasis, four legs instead of two and with a daring sense of adventure.

A wonderfully colourful book, the range and breadth of this book when coupled with the extensive language makes it ideal both as a learning tool and as a book that will keep a child engaged for quite sometime. You could happily leave your child to look through/read this book and know that their mind and senses will be well catered for, equally shared reading between adult and child would enrich the experience offered by this book.  As dogs living life, Omar, Pedro, Popov, Nono, Zaza, Jane, Kipp, Alex and Misha have it nailed!

A lovely book, brought to life with wonderful characters and illustrated beautifully, this is a book for children of all ages from toddlerhood through to Y2/3. This book will end up as a favourite with many of it’s readers and it won’t be forgotten.

Reviewed by Marion Dreadon

A Day with Dogs
by Dorothee de Monfreid
Published by Gecko Press
ISBN  9781776570980