Book Review: A Bears Journey, by Sally Louise Hill

cv_a_Bears_journeyWhen I first opened this book, I was blown away by the stunning photos and illustrations throughout. The Marlborough Sounds is also an area I know reasonably well having visited a number of times on adventure type activities. Memories came flooding back.

Sally’s grandson, Mishca the real inspiration behind this book is now 28 years old. He travelled extensively to various places around the world with his grandparents until he was 16 years old. He is one lucky grandson having such adventurous grandparents. She plans to continue with a series of books on Teddy Bearson and his adventures.

Mishca is helping his grandparents, Nan and Pop pack up to go on holiday to the Marlborough Sounds. Teddy Bearson, Mishca’s much loved teddy bear feels neglected and is convinced he is going to be left behind. That is until he spots his very best kerchief sitting folded on top of a pack. Teddy is overjoyed he isn’t going to miss out on an adventure.

They set off the next morning early, Teddy and Mishca sitting looking out the car window soon doze off. Waking much later Teddy smells something strange and nudges Mishca awake. It was the sea – the Kaikoura coast no less. Of course never having seen it before or seals, Teddy is amazed at the sights.

The story continues on with the journey finishing at Picton and then onto a water taxi to reach the holiday home in the Marlborough Sounds. The birds and animals that Teddy meets once there make a lovely story. I read this book to 4-year-old Abby. She had lots of question around what Teddy was doing and where he was going. Having not been to the Marlborough Sounds and only seeing some of the animals and birds in the zoo, Abby was fascinated by the antics – especially of Willy Weka.

This is a stunning book – the photos are wonderful. Sally must have spent a lot of hours sorting out which photos would be suitable for this book. She also has included beautiful drawings of birds and sea life. It’s not often you come across a book that has this amount of detail. I am totally blown away. Even my husband, who picked it up and read through it, commented what a beautiful book it is. At the back of the book is a glossary explaining in more detail the animals and sea life mentioned throughout this incredible book.

Reviewed by Christine Frayling

A Bear’s Journey to The Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand
by Sally Louise Hill
The Copy Press
ISBN 9780473268152