AWF18: Why I am a Hindu – Shashi Tharoor

Why I am a Hindu: Shashi Tharoor  ‘In his new and controversial book Why I Am a Hindu, writer, Indian MP and former UN Under-Secretary-General Shashi Tharoor offers a re-examination of one of the world’s oldest and greatest religions…’ In conversation with Michael … Continue reading

AWF18: Know your Neighbours – Lorin Clarke

Know your Neighbours: Lorin Clarke  ‘The latest venture of the Australian writer, director, broadcaster and podcaster Lorin Clarke (daughter of the late great John) is The Fitzroy Diaries, a radio serial in the style of A Prairie Home Companion, soon to air on ABC … Continue reading

AWF18: The Creative Brain, with David Eagleman

Superstar neuroscientist David Eagleman’s latest book, co-authored with composer Anthony Brandt, is The Runaway Species: How Human Creativity Remakes The World. Tara Black attended a session called The Creative Brain, on behalf of Booksellers NZ, and created this illustration of … Continue reading

AWF18: Festival Gala Night – True Stories Told Live: Under Cover

AWF18 Festival Gala Night- True Stories Told Live: Under Cover  The authors in this session were Susie Boyt (England), Lisa Dwan (Ireland); Gigi Fenster (South Africa/NZ); Alex Ross (US); Damon Salesa (Samoa/NZ); Tom Scott (NZ); Shashi Tharoor (India); and Jenny … Continue reading

AWF18: Chris Riddell, at SchoolsFest

Written from notes taken at the Intermediate schools session at AWF18 SchoolsFest. Every time Chris made a mark on his paper it was bound for the centre of his story. I have never seen anybody tell stories and draw simultaneously … Continue reading