AWF18: City Streets, with Pip Adam, Xu Yiwei and Dominic Hoey

AWF18: City Streets, with Pip Adam, Xu Wiwei and Dominic Hoey Pip Adam, Dominic Hoey and Xue Yiwei  talk of the inspiration of place, and the ways in which location gives vital realism and urgency to their stories, in conversation … Continue reading

AWF18: Ode to Ursula, with Elizabeth Knox, David Larsen and Karen Joy Fowler

AWF18: Ode to Ursula, with Elizabeth Knox, David Larsen and Karen Joy Fowler ‘In memory of the extraordinary Ursula Le Guin, writers and fans Karen Joy Fowler and Elizabeth Knox join David Larsen to share stories of their first encounters … Continue reading

AWF18: Moustaches, Whiskers and Beards – Lucinda Hawksley

AWF18: Moustaches, Whiskers and Beards – Lucinda Hawksley ‘Using images from London’s National Portrait Gallery, and based on her book Moustaches, Whiskers and Beards, writer and art historian Lucinda Hawksley takes us on a curly and entertaining tour of moustaches, … Continue reading

AWF18: Too Much – Durga Chew-Bose

AWF18: Too Much – Durga Chew-Bose ‘Durga Chew-Bose’s debut collection of self-referential essays Too Much and Not the Mood has established her as a member of the millennial intelligentsia. She is in conversation with Ella Yelich-O’Connor.’ Illustrated notes by Tara … Continue reading

AWF18: The big ideas of Neal Stephenson

AWF18: The big ideas of Neal Stephenson ‘New York Times bestselling author Neal Stephenson is renowned for works seething with big ideas, both innovative and complex in their genius, including Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, The Diamond Age, Anathem, and his latest … Continue reading

AWF18: The Dry – Jane Harper

AWF18: The Dry – Jane Harper ‘British-born Australian writer Jane Harper worked as a journalist before penning the CWA Gold Dagger and AIBA winning international hit novel The Dry, subsequently optioned by Reese Witherspoon.’ Chair: Kathy Hunter Illustrated notes by … Continue reading

AWF18: Still Lives: A.S. King

AWF18: Still Lives: A.S. King ‘Praised for her “difficult, resonant and compelling characters and stories” (Kirkus Reviews), A.S. King is also heralded by the New York Times Book Review as one of the best YA writers working today.’ Tara Black … Continue reading

AWF18: Sour Heart – Jenny Zhang

AWF18: Sour Heart – Jenny Zhang ‘Praised as ingenious by The New Yorker for its “technical artistry with an unfettered emotional directness” Jenny Zhang’s debut short-story collection Sour Heart interrogates the immigrant experience in eight linked stories…’ Full notes by Emma Johnson Jenny Zhang’s work has … Continue reading

AWF18: Completely Beside Ourselves – Karen Joy Fowler

AWF18: Completely Beside Ourselves – Karen Joy Fowler ‘Fiction, sci-fi, fantasy and short story writer Karen Joy Fowler is the author of New York Times bestseller The Jane Austen Book Club and the 2014 PEN/Faulkner Award Winner / Booker shortlisted … Continue reading

AWF18: Janesville: Amy Goldstein

AWF18: Janesville: Amy Goldstein ‘One of Barack Obama’s top reads of 2017, Janesville: An American Story, traces the lives of workers and their families, and the response of public and private sectors in the wake of General Motors’ decision to close … Continue reading