Book Review: Dead Letters: Censorship and Subversion in New Zealand, 1914-20 By Jared Davidson

Available in bookshops nationwide. This is a curious book. It is obviously about wartime censorship, and provides an insight into the sometimes very strange actions of officialdom, and ordinary people, who feared an enemy within society. But somehow the book’s … Continue reading

Book Review: New Zealand – A Painted Journey, by Graham Young

Available in bookshops nationwide.  Graham Young’s paintings provide a charming and idiosyncratic view of New Zealand life, mostly from the view of a summer tourist. The paintings are full of light and bold colours, and reproduced particularly well, with a … Continue reading

Book Review: Whaler by Providence: Patrick Norton in the Marlborough Sounds, by Don Wilson

Available in selected bookshops. This book is an example of the painstaking research of the family historian, and the frustration of having a lack of written records of a key ancestor. Patrick Norton was a petty thief in Ireland, who … Continue reading

Book Review: Kaitiaki o te Po: Essays, by J. P. Powley

Available in bookshops nationwide.  There is a very specific form of discomfit in reading this collection of essays. Particularly for a middle-aged man, growing up in particular urban culture, and still mired in the education system. Powley is a social … Continue reading

Book Review: As You Will – Carnegie Libraries of the South Pacific, by Mickey Smith

Available in selected bookshops.  This is a pictorial book, and something of a labour of love for the photographer Mickey Smith. She has already presented some of her photographs in exhibitions, and her travels to remaining Carnegie library buildings were … Continue reading

Book Review: Better Lives: Migration, Wellbeing and New Zealand

Available in bookshops nationwide. With migration being an ongoing political topic, and a tricky policy area, this book would seem to be a timely one. Julie Fry and Peter Wilson are both independent economists, and the former has already co-written … Continue reading

Book Review: Social Science Research in New Zealand: An Introduction, edited by Martin Tolich and Carl Davidson

Available in selected bookshops nationwide. This is a very useful multi-authored collection that covers many aspects of social science research, but mostly from an academic perspective. The editors are both sociologists, and they appear to have already written a number … Continue reading