Happy Birthday Janet and Reading Favourites with Sarah Jane Barnett & Matt Bialostocki, WORD Festival Friday 29 August

Sarah Jane Barnett is a poet, creative writing tutor, and reviewer from Wellington. Matt Bialostocki is a writer, photographer, and bookseller from Wellington. Together they went to a full day of festival events at the WORD Writers’ & Readers Festival … Continue reading

Book review: A Man Runs into a Woman by Sarah Jane Barnett

This book is in bookstores now Let me start by saying, how intrigued I am by the great successes being achieved in crowdfunding of cultural projects in New Zealand at the moment. The printing of A Man Runs into a … Continue reading

Book Review: Home, edited by Thom Conroy

Available now in bookshops nationwide. There was a flood of excitement when this collection came out, and understandably so. It’s beautiful and thick with a classy list of contributors and a solid concept; personal essays from NZ writers on what … Continue reading

AWF17: The Art of the Essay: Roxane Gay, Ashleigh Young, Teju Cole

The first thing to know about this session is that the queue started forming an hour beforehand – for this, a panel discussion about essays. And it wasn’t just a few die-hard fans sitting to fight to the front of … Continue reading

Book Review: There are no horses in heaven, by Frankie McMillan

Frankie McMillan’s new collection, My Mother and the Hungarians: And Other Small Fictions, is out now in bookshops nationwide. The first thing that struck me about Frankie McMillan’s collection, There are no horses in heaven, is the watercolour of the woman … Continue reading

Book Review: Foggydale Farm: Jam Sessions, by Lynda Hallinan

Available from booksellers nationwide. One of my new year’s resolutions is to teach myself some new recipes. I don’t do much of the cooking at home – it’s my husband who makes all of our meals and also the chutney … Continue reading

Ten years of curious, inspiring, wonderful books

I invited Sarah Jane Barnett to join me on the floor in the kids’ section of Unity Books just before Christmas to talk about Gecko Press and their amazing 10 years of publishing, with a half-cooked concept of coming up with … Continue reading

Book Review: Ocean and Stone, by Dinah Hawken

Available in selected bookshops nationwide. ‘Our world floats like a pebble in the universe. / Have we become, as predicted, unconceivably lonely?’ Dinah Hawken is one of New Zealand’s most critically acclaimed and well-known poets, and Ocean and Stone is … Continue reading