Book Review: Stardust – We Always Share the Same Sky, by Ivana Mlinac

Available in bookshops nationwide. 

cv_stardustI was drawn to this book because of the children in my class that have had a parent in prison. It is refreshing to see different life experiences honestly portrayed in a children’s book. It gives the words which young children and their carers need to express complicated feelings and the situations that develop from having a parent in prison.

The story focuses on the night sky and the stars that glitter there. No matter where we are, we all share the night sky and the stars which hold our hopes, dreams and a sprinkling of magic. The watercolour illustrations are emotive and beautifully accompany the text. The dark sky reappears on each page and the contrasting white details make the drawings come alive.

The poignant message within this book will touch every reader, however it is especially ideal for those children who have a parent in prison. The author wants to counter negative statistics and work to give young children hope. The text builds on the metaphor of stars throughout the story and the uniqueness of every one of us. Carers and families will find the supporting activities at the end of the book useful too.

This is a heart-warming book with an uplifting message that builds children’s confidence and aspirations. I hope that all children who have a parent in prison have an opportunity to benefit from this resource, but this book will positively reach every young reader.

Reviewed by Sara Croft

Stardust: We always share the same sky
by Ivana Mlinac, illustrated by Porsche Tiavale
Published by Mary Egan Publishing
ISBN 9780473469979

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