Reader, We Replaced Them

One of the main parts of our business at Booksellers NZ is the sale and redemption of Book Tokens. We came back from the Anzac Day off to this heartfelt tale from a dedicated user of Book Tokens, and we thought, rather than it wallowing in our inbox, we’d share it. Yes, he got some replacement tokens. 

Tokens_sales_lineupDear Booksellers,

I am writing to tell you a somewhat sad story. It was the year 2009, yes 10 years ago, that I received $30 of your vouchers. It was a magic time, a time of hope, a time of joy, a time of awesome book reading possibilities. But, alas, the enchantment was about to be dashed.

While travelling home from Whangarei after and amazing holiday, with a favourite Aunt, we stopped in Hamilton. We decided to explore ‘The Base’. A place of wonder, movies and food courts. It was here that this story takes a sad turn. While at The Base, I jumped out of our car, and what I thought happened, was I inadvertently dropped a pile of vouchers, including yours, while exiting said car.

When we returned to the car, I realised what had happened. I searched high and low. I asked at local shops, information kiosks and ice cream shops – yes, I was desperate. At this point we realised all was lost. All my Christmas vouchers gone. It was a cruel fate to suffer at what should have been such a joyous time.

Why, you may be asking, am I contacting you now? Here is the twist in this tale. I was packing to take away my amazing youth group for a camp over Easter. As I was rummaging through a bag, I found a somewhat hidden pocket (not really hidden, but obviously not looked in properly), and lo and behold, there were the missing vouchers.

Of course with such a huge passing of time, my decade-old vouchers have expired. With much weeping and gnashing of teeth, I have realised the bitterness of my situation. But in one last Hail Mary attempt, I am reaching out to you to see if you can find it in the kindness of your hearts to rekindle the hope that burnt out in the Hamilton carpark so many years ago? Is there a way to save these vouchers and give them a chance to fulfil their potential?

I hope, if nothing else, this email has given you a little chuckle.

Blessings from a hopeful expired coupon holder.

Ben Tennant

Shared with permission of the writer.

If you too have expired tokens, please feel free to email us your story on or call us on (04) 472 1908.  Or you can take them into a participating bookshop and ask them to call us if it is during office hours, to confirm they can be redeemed.

If you have tokens so old that they don’t even have an expiry date, they are valid indefinitely and you can go into a participating bookshop and use them at any time. 

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