Book Review: How to HELP a Hedgehog and PROTECT a Polar Bear, by Jess French and Angela Keoghan

Available in bookshops nationwide. 

cv_how_to_help_a_hedgehog_and_protect_a_polar_bearIt’s difficult for animals to survive in the wild, but, as humans, we sometimes make it even harder… How to HELP a Hedgehog and PROTECT a Polar Bear shares 70 small things that you can do to help save our planet including, building insect hotels, packing a no-rubbish lunch, switching off lights and not using plastic straws and every little bit counts!

Caring for our planet’s precious ecosystem is so important and this book with its amazing illustrations introduces us to fun, smart and achievable ways in which children and their “grown-ups” can help nurture the environment. It includes essential information about 12 different animal habitats — gardens, hedgerows, heathlands, woodlands, highlands, wetlands, freshwater, coastlines, oceans, savannahs, jungles and mountains — so that you can help out no matter what part of the world you live in!

We should be instilling environmental care into our children as soon as possible so that they too are taking on the crucial job of keeping our planet healthy and liveable for all creatures.  How to HELP a Hedgehog and PROTECT a Polar Bear is the perfect resource for any children, parents or teachers wanting to make the first practical steps towards environmental awareness and learn how we can respect, protect and preserve the natural world from human destruction and pollution.

Reviewed by Alana Bird

How to HELP a Hedgehog and PROTECT a Polar Bear
by Jess French, illustrated by Angela Keoghan
Published by Nosy Crow
ISBN 9781788002578

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