Book Review: The Rejects, by Ali Foster

Available in bookshops nationwide.

Garden Gnomes are still around in suburban gardens and children always delight in discovering them hiding in the undergrowth. Ali Foster has taken the world of Garden Gnomes and created a delightful story of mischief and adventure.

This group of discarded Gnomes (We’re ginomees, it says so right here. Look! G-N-O-M-E-S), are not content to stay still as stones in the garden. They plan to liberate all Gnomes from the boredom of the fishpond or pathway. This adventure is aimed at 8-10 year olds but can be fun for older readers too. Even me.

IWFG is an Australian publishing house but want to include New Zealand authors and audiences. The Rejects is the first title in an intended trilogy and I am sure we can expect more adventures from these not-so-statuesque Gnomes.

I suspect that while a good reader will manage the text alone, it would make a great read aloud for willing ears. My copy is off to school for a trial run.

Reviewed by Kathy Watson.

The Rejects
by Ali Foster
Published by IFWG Publishing, Australia
ISBN: 978-1-925496-25-3

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