Book Review: Marshall’s Law, by Ben Sanders

cv_marshalls_lawAvailable in bookshops nationwide.

This is Ben Sanders’ second book with Marshall Grade as its central character.

Marshall Grade is a former undercover NYPD officer hiding out in California, when he hears that federal agent Lucas Cohen has been kidnapped. Cohen’s abductors only want to know one thing – where is Marshall and how can they find him? Cohen manages to escape, outsmarting his captors and warning Marshall to lay low while they figure out why his captors are so interested in Marshall and his whereabouts.

Marshall can only think of one person who would want him dead – an old flame Chloe Asaro, whom he made the mistake of shooting. So is this revenge or something else? Marshall comes out of hiding to find out who wants him dead.

Dexter Vine a small time crim is leading the hunt for Marshall and is hoping to use the $5 million bounty to pay off Chinese mobsters. Who has put up the $5 million bounty?

This is a classical whodunit of the Jack Reacher era with lots of gun fights, the usual pile of dead cops, and criminals running and fighting it out for a piece of the action or a body – whatever comes first. I hung on every word, and it kept me wanting more.

Reviewed by Christine Frayling

Marshall’s Law
by Ben Sanders
Published by Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760294892

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