Book Review: To the Ends of the Earth and back again, by Maxwell C. Hill

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cv_to_the_ends_of_the_earthAs a teacher, I always challenge my students to ask questions, not to blindly accept what they are told, to read, to refute, to question and even to suppose. I found that reading To the Ends of the Earth did all of these things and presented a very challenging alternative view of the settlement of Aotearoa, New Zealand. I did not read the original version of this book, so in taking up the second edition, I had a bit of catching up to do.

The original book makes the suggestion that there were earlier settlers from Greek culture and later from the Americas. This new edition responds to further questions from readers linking designs and spirals of the Celtic peoples to the spiral motifs found in Maori tattoos. This allowed Hill to investigate these designs and draw further support for his earlier settlement suggestions.

The book is beautifully illustrated with photographs and maps, drawings and diagrams. I always enjoy seeing text fully supported with illustrations. The chapter headings follow a logical sequence of ideas from Pre-Maori Artifacts, to Different People, Maps, Voyages and Charts. Other research is added at the end as well as extensive supporting information.

I am not an historian and therefore do not feel it is my place to comment on the veracity of the book. It is an interesting work of supposition with supporting research and extensive use of other people’s ideas. Drawing these together in such a way goes a little beyond my academic ability, but appeals to my fictional fantasy. I have visited Malaspurna Strait in Fiordland. An isolated spot, said to have been visited by a Spanish navigator before the time of Cook. It was a great story and the truth seemed somewhat secondary as we sailed toward the open sea.

So too with this book. I have a number of family members keen to be next on the reading list. They all picked it up and were enchanted by the ideas and the visuals. I found it an engaging read.

Reviewed by Kathy Watson

To The Ends of the Earth and Back Again
 by Maxwell C. Hill
Ancient History Publications

4 thoughts on “Book Review: To the Ends of the Earth and back again, by Maxwell C. Hill

  1. Hi Kathy,
    Be sure to fact check what you read. With all the fake news around currently, New Zealand is not immune to this. In your opening you say ‘not to blindly accept what they are told’. With a little bit of research you will find that this book has no credibility and all statements have been debunked! The book cherry picks supporting evidence, does not presents both sides of the arguments and misinterprets facts.,+To+the+Ends+of+the+Earth%3A+did+the+Greeks…-a0322026988

  2. Some ancient facts cannot be readily checked and this is true from either perspective. “Credibility” appears to be synonymous with orthodox teachings and any other view can obviously be discredited with this label. I have yet to see the evidence that “all statements (in this book) have been rebuked”.
    There is no country on earth that orthodox teachings reflect the actual truth.
    I am not surprised that people try to discredit or to ignore this can of worms.

  3. There is no country in the world that history reflects the entire truth, you are right. However the book is made up, it is poorly researched and by far from factual. It is not discrediting, more just stating the obvious that this book is grossly misleading.

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