Book Review: The Ghosts Of Moonlight Creek, by Sue Copsey

Available now in bookshops nationwide.

cv_the_ghosts_of_moonlight_creekSue Copsey brings us the third installment of the ‘Spooky Adventures’ series which follows the adventures of Joe and Eddie, the ghost hunters. Although I have not read the two previous books in the series, The Ghosts Of Young Nick’s Head and The Ghosts Of Tarawera,  I would love to!

When Joe, Eddie, Beckie and Anastasia are called to a location near Queenstown by Anastasia’s father ,the famous movie director Roberto Johnson. They think it’s just for a summer vacation on a movie set, but someone or something is terrorising the set and delaying the filming. It’s up to Joe and his ghost-hunting team, to find out who is destroying the film, and stop them. Only it’s not like a mystery they’ve solved before.

I enjoyed this book not just because it is based in Otago, but because of the spine-chilling storyline, and well-described characters. I would recommend it to any Kiwi child who loves a good ghost story. WARNING: DO NOT READ AT NIGHT!!

Reviewed by Isabelle Ralston (14)

The Ghosts Of Moonlight Creek
by Sue Copsey
Published by Treehouse Books
ISBN 9780473359461


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