Book Review: Spot the Lot! by Lonely Planet Kids

Available bookshops nationwide.

cv_spot_the_lot.jpgIf anybody knows how to do a good kids’ travel companion book, it is the writers for Lonely Planet Kids. Spot the Lot is, quite simply, the perfect book to keep your kids entertained, no matter where you are travelling.

Spot the Lot! gives its owner a variety of different places that they may be going on a holiday, or on the way to their holiday. An airport, airplane, ferry, skifield, country town, city…all of these are covered. And while you are at these places, you have to keep an eye out for 12-20 things that can be found at the destinations. These have weighting from 5 points for something like a log in the country, to 50, for a tyre mark on the ground. This makes it competitive if that is how your kid rolls.

My 6-year-old, Dan, was seriously the target age and personality type for this book. I brought it out just before we left for our holiday in July, and we still regularly take it with us on outings. He was disappointed not to go skiing in August, mainly because he didn’t get to see the things on that page! While we were on a seriously scary plane trip over the Cook Strait, on an otherwise “boring” car trip from Punakaiki to Greymouth, even in Greymouth town itself, there was something in this book to keep Dan entertained.

And when there is nothing else around, there is a page of seek-and-finds, with all of the same items we’ve been hunting for in the holiday destinations, hidden amongst a colouring-book page. Even my 4-year-old will pick this up and try and find these; and he’s not an activity book type, so this is high praise indeed.

This is an absolute must-have for any child with a keen interest in the world around them, to take on holiday.

Reviewed by Sarah Forster

Spot the Lot!
illustrated by Thomas Tlintham
Published by Lonely Planet Kids
ISBN 978760341022

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