Book Review: Munch Lunchbox, by Anna Bordignon and Michelle Kitney

cv_munch_lunchboxLunchbox, snack box, treat box. These are important parts of any child’s day and more so when preschools require you send your own food along each day. Well, I think this book is going to be the busy parent’s best friend.

Anna Bordignon and Michelle Kitney have lots of experience raising their own children. They already run the very successful Munch Cupboard and their website Now we have a beautiful cook book with an alphabet of delicious and nutritious ideas for busy parents. While marmite sandwiches were my childhood staple, there are now many creative tidbits to encourage variety and healthy eating for your children.

The book is cleverly designed with sample lunches at the start. These cover a variety of dietary needs from gluten free, to nut free, meat free and others. The easy to follow logos are used to identify special requirements in each recipe. Then the book becomes an alphabet of delicious ideas. I loved the B idea:Black Bean Brownie which is high in protein but a lovely texture and very moist. C: Carrot Summer rolls were another favourite, with rice paper wrappers around carrot slices and rice noodles. S: Seedy crackers with chia, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Many of the ideas are very simple using just a few ingredients, but the small portions and interesting presentations make them quite novel.

Munch Lunchbox also acknowledged the importance of making in bulk and freezing to save time and effort during the busy week. They indicate which recipes are best suited for this. My suspicion is that parents will enjoy many of these lunch treats too!

In the days of Internet cooking and Google-a-recipe, I found this book to be a really useful reminder of how a cook book should look and read. Between these covers are easily accessible recipes, enticing ideas and healthy alternatives for feeding the kids. The actual presentation also acknowledges that many schools and preschools are going wrapper-free and encouraging a sustainable way of storing food.

As a Grandmother, this is a great Christmas gift for my daughter. I will even make a regular selection of treats to go with the book. That is what good Grannies do. Try it.

Reviewed by Kathy Watson

Munch Lunchbox
by Anna Bourdignon and Michelle Kitney
Published by David Bateman
ISBN 9781869539337

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