Book Review: The Best Dad in the World, by Pat Chapman & Cat Chapman

Available in bookshops nationwide.

cv_the_best_dad_in_the_worldThe Best Dad in the World would make a great birthday or Christmas present for any dad.

Beautifully illustrated by Cat Chapman (no relation to author Pat Chapman), the book explores all the reasons why we love our dads.

Any parent of young children will smile at the illustrations as they have a little more meaning than the words suggest. Dad may be loved because he likes to get up early – but the illustration shows the time is 5.59am and some little person is trying to open a sleeping dad’s eyes!

The animals in the story are taking advantage of dad’s attempts at cooking, licking up the spilled milk and dropped food, and there are some truly kiwi fathers shown throughout. Farmer dads, truckie dads, dads who make paper planes, animal-loving dads, dads with earplugs in who pretend they like the music their children play, dads who are as tall as the sky and dads who never get tired and know ice cream fixes everything.

This is a great read-along book and there are so many things in the background that can be used to entertain a child along the way. There is even space at the front to draw a portrait of your own dad.

Father’s Day may have been and gone, but this book is a perfect gift for any dad in your life, as it will remind him of the things that make dads so great.

The Best Dad in the World
by Pat Chapman, illustrated by Cat Chapman
Published by Upstart Press
ISBN 9781927262740

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