Book Review: A Boy of China, by Richard Loseby

cv_a_boy_of_chinaAvailable now in bookshops nationwide.

This is a fascinating story, told in depth by a writer who went on an incredible journey to pick up on a story link he had been given on the son of Mao Tse Tung, who the story goes, was handed over and into the care of others by his Mother during Mao’s Long March. He was, Loseby was told, alive, well and well known in the village he had lived for decades.

Travelling the route of the Long March backwards may sound unusual, but turned out to be a blessing on a journey that was full of both hardship and hope. Loseby’s naturally  inquisitive nature and willingness to ask questions propelled his journey and opened doors for him.

What had happened to the little boy who had supposedly been lost, mislaid, whereabouts unknown?

In a well paced, twisting, turning story, Loseby takes his reader on a journey that is entertaining, educating and adventurous.The book is a combination of history mixed with a dash of suspense and topped off with a wonderful look at some very remote parts of a vast country. A country whose much-worshipped leader had a secret, a secret that remained uncovered for decades. This secret points to a coldness by the Dear Leader born through his desire to triumph at any cost, with the enormous pain suffered by his wife being the least of his concerns. Once gone, always gone, was his unstated motive.

This book’s moving story is one that will stay with me a long time, and is well worth everybody’s reading time.

Reviewed by Marion Dreadon

A Boy of China: In search of Mao’s lost son
by Richard Loseby
Published by HarperCollins
ISBN 9781775540885

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