Book Review: Fearless Fred and the Flood, by Maureen Sudlow

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Fearless Fred is a story about a boy and his dog and his best friend Harry.

cv_fearless_fred_and_the_floodThe rain was falling and the creeks were all in flood. Fred was keen to get outside and squiggle in the mud. The drain pipes were struggling to cope so made funny noises. Splat, splot, gurgle wurgle the drain pipes sang. The ducks were chasing puddles. The chook house though was under threat from sludge that formed after all the rain. Charming with her chicks were looking frantic at the slowly rising tide, so Fred in his pirate costume rescues her babies, with Harry carrying Charming on his head.

I’ve read this lovely book to little Quinn who is nearly 2 years old a couple of times. She loved the sounds of the mud and the water in the drain pipes. “Splat, splot, gurgle wurgle” are wonderful words that drip off the tongue and great to introduce to a toddler still learning to talk. This book is written in rhyming text with wonderful illustrations by Terry Fitzgibbon.

Reviewed by Christine Frayling

Fearless Fred and the Flood
by Maureen Sudlow, Illustrations by Terry Fitzgibbon
Published by Kiwis Soar Publications
ISBN 9780473358990

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