Book Review: Thatchthorpe, by Elizabeth Pulford

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cv_thatchthorpeThatchthorpe concludes Elizabeth Pulford’s Bloodtree Chronicles, with a final return to the Silvering Kingdom, and a final story for Abigail to set to rights. Like its predecessors, it is a fast paced and intriguing read, filled with action and quirky situations. The Bloodtree Chronicles are a sophisticated chapter book trilogy, containing in one level a fairly light, fun fantasy adventure with well-imagined heroes and villains, but there is a second level: A level of narrative (sometimes known as “breaking the 4th wall”), in which Abigail’s mysterious aunts discuss and manipulate the story, with some tongue-in-cheek references to story structure, flawlessly integrated into the main plot.

Abigail is ready to return to the Silvering Kingdom for one final time; after saving the tree and freeing the dragon, Thyme, there is still one quest left to complete: put the rightful ruler on the throne and dethrone the evil Rackenard once and for all. This time, however, things aren’t going to be easy, as Abigail very quickly winds up on the wrong path and in the most unfortunate of circumstances. However, she is ever-capable of finding allies in unlikely places, and her strong heart and stubborn courage will serve her well. With old friends and new foes, Thatchthorpe is a fitting conclusion, and one that should be devoured with satisfaction by young voracious readers.

These stories do, however, work best in sequence, so I suggest that you begin with Sanspell.

Reviewed by Angela Oliver

Bloodtree Chronicles #3: Thatchthorpe
by Elizabeth Pulford
Published by Scholastic NZ
ISBN 9781775432876

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