Book Review: Molly and the Cat Cafe, by Melissa Daley

cv_molly_and_the_cat_cafeAvailable now in bookshops nationwide.

This is a delightful book. The tale is told from the viewpoint of Molly, a much loved cat who loses her home when her elderly human, suffering from dementia, is placed in an aged care facility. Initially Molly is rehomed in a house with three dogs and a man who often forgets to feed her. After a particularly disconcerting episode with the largest of the dogs, Molly decides to find someone else to love and be loved by in return.

On her journey she encounters both kindness and hostility from humans and felines alike and when she finally reaches the place she will come to call home she has gained a wisdom and compassion that aids the new humans in her life to overcome problems that seemed insurmountable.

The author has managed to write a story that deals with very human problems while using an unlikely heroine. There is nothing mawkish or cutesy about this tale. It touches the heart and makes the reader keep turning the pages to discover not only Molly’s eventual success in her quest for love and acceptance, but that of the human characters as well.

Reviewed by Lesley Vlietstra

Molly and the Cat Cafe
by Melissa Daley
Published by Pan Books
ISBN 9781509804306


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