Book Review: Magrit, by Lee Battersby

cv_magritAvailable from 1 May in bookshops nationwide.

After reading Dracula, I realised one of my favourite genres is horror. So I was pleased when I was sent Magrit to review.

Magrit is the name of the book and also the name of the main character. Magrit lives in an abandoned cemetery with her “friend” Master Puppet. But beware, neither Master Puppet nor Magrit are who you imagine them to be!

One night as Magrit and Master Puppet sit on top of their crumbling chapel, they notice a nearby stork drop a parcel into the cemetery. They unravel the towel to reveal a baby boy. Magrit decides to raise the little boy herself but there are reasons why she can’t. Magrit doesn’t know the troubles that are coming her way!

One of the reasons I enjoyed reading this children’s horror was because I liked to find the clues and figure out what was really happening and the truth about their lives. It is a uniquely strange book and is unlike most children’s books, which is what I liked about it. But it is not too scary!

This is Lee Battersby’s first novel but he has written over 70 short stories which have resulted in a number of awards. The illustrations are by Amy Doud and even though there are not many pictures they are quite spooky.

I love the cover. I didn’t notice it at first, but it has a scull made out of different objects in the cemetery. The cover is black and the edges of the pages are purple.

My recommendation for this book is children 9 years and older. It’s not actually that scary but there are elements that may scare younger children. The good thing about this book is that young children will be able to read this book but there are deeper meanings that only older kids would understand.

I give this book 5 stars because it is one I will always remember.

Reviewed by Ava Knowles (Age 9)

by Lee Battersby
Published by Walker Books
ISBN 9781925081343

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