Book Review: The Light That Gets Lost, by Natasha Carthew

Available now in bookshops nationwide.

cv_the_light_that_gets_lostThe Light That Gets Lost is a story of accepting the future and letting go of the past. A book of hope found in the grimmest of places. Getting over fiery revenge and finding the light that gets lost.

When Trey was a child, his family was brutally murdered by a stranger. With nothing left to hold onto, he holds on to revenge. His demon is born. Starting the sparks to create a fire, his quest for vengeance begins.

Years later Trey enters a camp for broken teens. His plan is finally turning into reality. Now all he has to do is find the killer. He is angry and damaged. His demon yearns for blood to be spilled as it’s the only vibrant colour in his world of white and black. As he starts to understand more, Trey finds himself captivated by a dangerous girl. To a dream of starting over, he begins his next quest. Will he accept the offer of friendship in the dark? Or will he find the light that got lost?

The Light That Gets Lost is a book I wouldn’t usually pick up. A grim and realistic book, it felt like perhaps the story was more aimed towards boys. This book surprised me. It was interesting and very unique.

I found the writing style unusual. The descriptions were beautiful but I think that Natasha Carthew is more of a poet than a prose writer. Natasha Carthew sort of lost herself with description when she should have been concentrating more on the plot. The characters in The Light That Gets Lost were portrayed as flawed and broken, unfixable like broken glass. They made me ask questions like: ‘What do you do when your life is ruined at a young age? Is there hope for a brighter future?’

The meaning of the story outweighed the actual plotline and characters. I did find myself quickly hooked at the beginning then having to put it down and pick it up again. Overall I think the ending was powerful and symbolic, and it was a gripping way to conclude a meaningful story.

I would recommend The Light That Gets Lost to anyone who loves Michael Morpurgo books, or for readers who enjoy a gripping, powerful book about broken teens that are trying to find answers to the many questions every teen asks themselves. Will you find the light?

Reviewed by Geena Slow
Supplied as part of the Allen & Unwin Ambassador Programme

The Light that Gets Lost
by Natasha Carthew
Published by Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781408835876


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