Book Review: Reflection, by Rebecka Sharpe Shelberg & Robin Cowcher

cv_reflectionLeft! Left! Left! Right! Right! We make our way in the dark. We shiver as the rain runs like cold fingers down our collars. We stand with our comrades, in salute to the fallen. We see the flag rippling, curling in the wind. We protect our tiny flames from the night. We watch a red poppy waving in the breeze. We bow our heads as a prayer rings through the darkness.

The Dawn Service is an important part of ANZAC Day for New Zealanders and Australians every year. Returned servicemen and women, from all the armed forces, march each year, in honour of the fallen. Young and old from all walks of life attend services throughout the day to honour the men and women who have served.

Rebecka Sharpe Shelberg has chosen her words carefully for young readers. Robin Cowcher, the illustrator has done a superb job with the illustrations – pen drawings with a watercolour wash. They are simple but compliment the story beautifully.

Reviewed by Christine Frayling

Reflection: Remembering Those Who Serve in War
by Rebecka Sharpe Shelberg & Robin Cowcher
Published by Walker Books Australia
ISBN 9781922179050

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