Book Reviews: Wine Trails, from Lonely Planet

Available now in bookshops nationwide.

Lonely Planet’s new ‘Perfect Weekends’ series soundcv_wine_trailss like a perfect new collection for your bookshelves, and Wine Trails is a strong and excellent way to kick it off. While they don’t neglect the well-known regions (Napa and Sonoma, Burgundy, Tuscany), they’ve also ventured onto the roads less traveled, in countries like Georgia and Lebanon.

Given the extensive worldwide coverage of Wine Trails (52 perfect short weekend escapes in wine country ), you could pick and choose your next overseas trip, or take a note for closer to home. New Zealand’s own Central Otago, Hawke’s Bay and Marlborough are covered, in between Morocco’s Meknes and Portugal’s Douro Valley. Something patriotic stirs within me when I see the stunning photos of New Zealand’s landscape and wineries put alongside others in the book – but we in this country know how beautiful our country and wine can be.

With bright pages, fantastic photographs and illustrated maps, there is still just as much to read about each area as there is to catch and draw your eye. Aside from listing the wineries in each region, a list of places to stay, places to eat, other activities and local celebrations are given, making Wine Travels a true Lonely Planet all-in-one guide.

I haven’t always been a wine drinker, but as I grew out of my university ‘under $10 BYO’ rule, I began to see why my parents have always appreciated wine, and weekend trips to Martinborough helped push my palate. This book is the perfect gift for both the wine lover wanting to know more about the global industry, and the wine connoisseur itching to get travelling. Wine Trails has certainly given me an starting point in my own backyard to try, and a few more adventures to inform my future travel.

Reviewed by Kimaya McIntosh

Wine Trails
Published by Lonely Planet
ISBN 9781743607503


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