Book Review: Detective Gordon: A Complicated Case, by Ulf Nilsson

cv_a_complicated_caseAvailable in bookshops nationwide.

A Complicated Case, by Ulf Nilsson is a warm and funny story with a good moral story for
young readers.

The main characters are chief of police Gordon, who is a toad and detective Buffy, who is a mouse. Buffy and Gordon are best friends and work together as police and they have a case to solve – they need to find out who is teasing everyone in the forest.

There are a whole lot of other characters who live in the forest and they all have been given personalities, like in the classic book Wind In The Willows. (I recommend you read that book if you like this one.)

This book will teach little kids a lesson to not tease and to be kind and that you should let everyone play with everyone.

A Complicated Case is full of humour and yummy cakes and charming characters, and teaches important lessons to young children. Even though it was written for younger children, I still enjoyed it.

“One important thing is that the police must always investigate,” said Detective Gordon
His speech became a little formal when he’d finished stamping a piece of paper.
“We must investigate!” said Police assistant Buffy, with a salute. “Yes, Chief!”

She always became a little formal too.
Then she said happily: “Perhaps we could dress up?…”

The author Ulf Nilsson has received many prestigious awards and the illustrator Gitte Spee graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, a renowned academy of fine art and design in the Netherlands.

This chapter book will be suitable for children who are starting to read alone and like cute forest creatures. I give this book 4 stars.

Reviewed by Ava Knowles, age 9

Detective Gordon: A Complicated Case
by Ulf Nilsson
Published by Gecko Press
ISBN 9781776570652



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